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Contact: Gabrielle Vittori
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Gabrielle Vittori (Gabi) never really knew what she wanted to do when she left school. The one thing she was sure of though was that she wanted to help people but she didn’t quite know how.

cds-new-image“Credit Card debt has become a cancer in our society. Debt, arrears and the affect on credit ratings is a huge consumer issue. Many people are using the equity in their homes to payout these debts but are finding there either isn’t enough equity or their level of debt is just too high. That’s where the idea for my business came from”. Gabi explained. After 23 years in the hospitality industry and at the age of 38 she decided to step into the world of credit card debt negotiation.

She began by helping a friend at Funds National, a mortgage management team within the financial industry. She assisted by negotiating credit card debt for the clients that were refinancing. It was at this point that it was suggested she start a business for herself and provide the same service for other brokers. And so in 2006 she established Choice Debt Solutions (CDS). As a sole operator Gabi now has the financial flexibility to handle pro bono work when required.

She now has a huge network of brokers and a very busy practice.

When she’s not in the office she sponsors and plays for the Kings Domain Football Club. Her son Olivier also plays soccer. The entire family follows Melbourne City in the A League. Gabi and her family live in a great community in Middle Park. They periodically enjoy ‘Walnut Tree Day’, when all the neighbours gather together around a large walnut tree in Gab’s street and have a picnic!