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Anthony Iacovino – Comito Iacovino & Co Lawyers & AttorneysAnthony Iacovino worked in a city law firm during his holidays and while he studied law at Melbourne University during the 60s. After completing his degree he worked with them again for a further seven years gaining valuable experience in all facets of general law.

In 1972 Anthony and his friend Tony Comito formed the general legal practice Comito Iacovino & Co. Whilst they work with specialist barristers to manage the needs of their clients in some court cases, Anthony explained that they enjoyed working with their clients to ‘prevent’ legal issues rather than resorting to ‘arguing them’ in court. He emphasised his point with the observation: “If you’ve got a sore arm you don’t go and see a surgeon”.

A Rotarian for more than 40 years, Anthony is firmly committed to supporting charity and community service activities in and around Thornbury.

When he’s not involved with his busy, multi-disciplinary legal practice Anthony enjoys a little bit of tennis, golf and push-bike riding for fun and for charity.

Anthony and his wife also have great times looking after their grandchildren and supporting Hawthorn at the footy.

Proud of the independence of their practice the vision for the future is to encourage more young multi cultural lawyers to join their vibrant team.