Dutton Garage

Contact: Jeff Dutton
Address 41 Madden Grove Richmond Victoria 3121 Phone: 03 9419 8080Mobile: 0417 356 911Mates Directory: Dutton GarageWebsite: Dutton Garage


Dutton Garage was established by Jeff Dutton’s grandfather Albert Octavius Dutton in 1911 when he started as a coachbuilder working on his own in the 341 Burnley Street site next to the Grand Hotel, where Dame Nellie Melba lived as a small child whilst her father David Mitchell worked at his Burnley St brick factory up the road.

Dutton GarageHe started making all sorts of horse drawn vehicles, simple jinkers to hansom cabs, he’d make the whole thing, from the frame, springs, wheels to the upholstery. He kept doing this until the motor car came onto the scene more in the early 20s. In those days many imported cars came into the country without bodies to safe tarrifs, and the bodies were built here. He built many Rolls Royce saloon bodies and rapidly gained a reputation for his expertise.

His three sons joined this business, Jeff’s father Alby and his brothers Len and Bill and his trades were passed down to them.

As the third generation Dutton, Jeff began his career in the family workshop as a mechanical apprentice where he honed his skills in repairing Porsches and Ferraris. During his tenure in the family workshop Jeff saw the opportunity to begin buying the exotic cars he was repairing and began forming his talents in buying, selling and advising on rare and collectible cars.

In 2010, Jeff was approached by the very successful team of Gavin Fernandez and George Nakas of James Lane and their wholesale arm Melbourne Prestige. They wanted to expand their market into the classic and sports car field where the Dutton name and brand was well known and respected. They looked everywhere for a building that would suit the large style of operation they had in mind. One Friday Jeff’s wife Gay rang excited that she’d found the right place which had just come on the market that day and they bought it on the Monday morning. The team then spent three years developing it into the purpose built site that exists today in 41 Madden Gr Richmond near the Burnley Street Overpass, just a stones throw from the original Dutton home.

Now four generations later Duttons garage is the largest Australian luxury car wholesaler with more than 40 buyers nationwide purchasing and selling 13,000 cars a year internationally. With its immense buying power any car anywhere in the world can be bought and priced aggressively for sale.