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Nigel Fitzpatrick was born in Malaya, where his father was a Tea and Rubber planter and his mother was a nurse. When he was five years old the family decided to relocate to Australia and Nigel lived just down the road from Glenferrie Oval, home of the Hawthorn Football Club. The die was cast and Nigel’s been a one-eyed Hawks supporter ever since!

Nigel at FifoIn between watching his beloved Hawks, Nigel was educated at Trinity Grammar Kew and Ballarat Grammar when the family relocated again in 1976. When he was 17 Nigel joined the CBC Bank in Beaufort and was later transferred to Rutherglen branch. Nigel then successfully completed a Bachelor of Business in Accountancy at RMIT.

After a five year spell as Senior Credit Analyst at the Bank of New Zealand and Australia Bank, two years assisting Natwest’s relationships with Australia’s largest mining and natural resources companies and then a further two years as a commercial lender at Barclays Australia, Nigel saw an opportunity to establish his own business.

In 1995 Nigel started the global industry, financial and management consulting business Strategic Information Pty Ltd. He ran the business successfully for 18 years winning, along the way, a 16-year contract to write industry reports for IBISWorld.

Early in 2013 Nigel found an opportunity to start a more people oriented business. As a Director for Fifo Capital Western Victoria, he now provides cash flow solutions for small business through flexible invoice discounting.

“Fifo Capital buys selected invoices from you so that you don’t have to wait to turn your credit sales into cash. On purchase we immediately pay you 80 per cent of the face value of the invoice. Then when your customer settles the invoice, we pay you the balance of 20 per cent less our fee. It’s that simple” explained Nigel.

Nigel also has a ‘hobby farm’ on the edge of Ballarat at Pootilla where he grows hay and looks after cows and horses.