Jalando Pizza Ovens

Contact: Suzanne Lee
Address 70 Chifley Drive Preston Victoria 3072 Mobile: 0438 783 533Mates Directory: Jalando Pizza OvensWebsite: Jalando Pizza Ovens


Suzanne Lee, partner of another Aussie Mate Damian Lee (Lee Brothers Fencing Group) decided about five years ago that she would start up a small Pizza Oven business after her two young children had both become settled in schools.

Jalando Pizza OvensOne of Damian’s Chinese suppliers of stainless steel panels introduced Suzanne to a supplier of Pizza Ovens to Jamie Oliver. Suzanne decided if they were good enough for Jamie they would be just fine for her!

Up until three years ago Suzanne had been IPA National Recruitment Contracts Manager, so she was able to call on some of that high level business experience to start up the business.

To get the fledgling business underway and to test market the new ovens here in Australia, she was offered 40 ovens with a very small fault to sell on eBay. Well they went like hot cakes so she decided it was time to get serious about her little business and decide upon a business name. Over a coffee shop discussion one morning, with her two children James and Orlando it was decided that Jalando Pizza Ovens would be a very wise choice. With the help of an artist friend and the colours of the Italian flag, business cards, brochures and a web page were soon produced.

Suzanne chose four different sized ovens to start importing and to get the ball rolling.

Very quickly the little business grew and now Jalando are distributed nationally across Australia and have 14 different models to choose from as Preassembled or DIY ovens along with a range of accessories including trays, pizza wheels, racks and of course pizza cook books.