Jetaway Airport Parking

Contact: John Fairweather
Address 6 Prima Court Tullamarine Victoria 3043 Phone: 03 9334 2048Mates Directory: Jetaway Airport ParkingWebsite: Jetaway Airport Parking


John Fairweather’s life in some ways loosely equates with the oft times repeated line from the Monty Python film: The Life of Brian: “He’s not the Messiah…he’s just a naughty boy”.

Jetaway Airport ParkingJohn Fairweather is unquestionably the pioneer of ‘Off Airport Parking’ having started the industry single-handedly back in1978. With a brief gap when he pursued other interests for four or five years, his Jetaway Airport Parking Business at Tullamarine is still one of the largest off airport car parks operating today, servicing Melbourne and Victoria.

John Fairweather was also unquestionably a naughty boy, when the headmaster, for rigging a complex fishing line device to remotely stop the school tram whenever it suited him, expelled him from Sunshine Tech in 1st Form. After having had his educational career prematurely cut short, John had to start work as a shelf stacker in the local Sunshine Supermarket.

Pursuing life through the school of hard knocks, John rapidly developed his relentless career path through a series of one-man entrepreneurial activities including TV aerial specialist, delivery run operator, and weekend furniture removalist. He had three trucks by this time and was now a sub contractor for some of Melbourne’s major removalists, which in turn led him to negotiate a sole contract with the Department of Supply. Seven years later with 10 trucks and a string of drivers he sold the business and joined his wife Trish in her furniture importing business. Taking a break from his hectic business life he took on some handyman work for a while before selling off a very successful off airport parking business in 2000.

After a while however he could still see the opportunity to provide ‘good old fashioned off airport parking with genuine personalised service, all at the old prices’. With his extensive experience and knowledge of what the public want, he has created an intensely successful, popular and fast growing business. With genuine 24/7 service and total security for all vehicles John reflects that perhaps his headmaster did him a favour when he expelled him all those years ago! John continues to be a great supporter of Variety and Police Blue Ribbon Charities.