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Nat Schiavello, Managing Director of NCE Pty Ltd, began working for the company when he was eight years old helping his mother unload timber trucks for their family picture framing business, Antons Mouldings. 

His father started the business in 1966 with money borrowed from his father in law. “Our family has sawdust in its blood” explained Nat!

Nat became production manager of the business when he was 18 years old and moved into the sales and research and development role three years later.

All his working life Nat has subscribed to the 24-hour rule, which states simply that, if any hurdle encountered can’t be immediately, resolved, you just leave it for 24 hours and then fix it. Nat and his team also believe in always turning a business negative into a business positive.

Recently appointed as President of the Recreation Vehicle Industry Nat has been a key supplier of general electrical components to the industry since 1987. Innovation is one of his loves, which probably explains why he’s currently working with a specialist team to build the first range of caravans with no timber in their construction. “Just clean them down with a gurney when they need a wash!” he explained. Nat is also involved with an eco friendly electric car program.

Nat always remembers his humble beginnings and is heavily involved in charities committed to helping young people in need of help and support across Australia.

Apart from directing NCE Nat still finds time to enjoy golf, deep-sea fishing and competing in the New York Marathon.

Nat Schiavello, NCE  NCE Office and Staff