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Contact: Dianne Scott
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From a very early age Dianne Scott had a drive to make enough money to be financially independent. She started work with a bank when she was 17 to support her then partner with his new business. From there she moved to working with the Ambulance Service and a series of other jobs including starting a family and handling a marriage separation.

Dianne Scott – DietitianAfter working for herself as a bookkeeper, and managing day-to-day accounting for small businesses, Dianne decided to return to study and started a course in massage which led to a passionate interest in women’s health issues and further qualifications as a fitness instructor and women’s health practitioner.

At this point in her life she realised the importance of nutrition in peoples lives. A qualification in nutrition and weight loss consulting along with membership of the Australian Institute of Weight Loss Consultants quickly followed.

Finding her client base was increasingly becoming 30+ women Dianne started to learn the importance of hormones and how controlled usage had the capability to bring a balance back in their lives. Another qualification in hormone management followed.

It was while she was working in the gym next door to Performance Healthcare that Brad Sampson invited her to join his team of healthcare professionals.

Having finally found her niche in life Dianne is now, alongside with her nutrition work, educating patients with Type 2 diabetes to understand the importance of weight loss as a part of its treatment.

Dianne and the team she’s now working alongside are providing a very balanced and manageable approach to better health and general wellbeing.