Psarakos Fruiterers & Greengrocers

Contact: John Psarakos
Address 2/8 Clarendon Street Thornbury Victoria 3071 Phone: 03 9484 1991Mates Directory: Psarakos Fruiterers & Greengrocers


The Psarakos family business started in 1972 as a very small fruit shop in Thornbury. John Psarakos came into the business when he was 17 and started by selling fruit alongside his older brothers. Within six years of joining the business he took over management of the fast growing business.

After moving into a larger shop in 1974 the business continued to grow under John’s direction. In 1985 the family bought the present site with a larger shop and huge warehouse as well as a large car park across the road.

John devised the concept of introducing complementary convenience stores alongside the core business of fruit and vegetables. Additionally he included a liquor section within the supermarket as well as a huge truck-unloading bay. All of these areas were designed so that they were hooked into an integrated cool store facility that could be switched on to refrigeration mode when the store closed to the public. This innovative approach allowed vegetables and other perishables to be left in their relevant retail location, negating the requirement to move everything into a cool store overnight.

With the success of the Thornbury business model John then replicated the facility at Bundoora in 1990. In 2012 a new continental grocery supermarket was launched in both locations.

With seven brothers and many nephews and nieces on staff the business has become a ‘real family business’ explained John.

Looking to the future John has carried out extensive market research interstate and overseas to evaluate opportunities to replicate the proven business model operating in Melbourne. So far he has found nothing else like it in the world.

Psarakos Groceries  Psarakos Groceries