Super Tek Collision Repairs

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Terry Carpenter is the Managing Director of Super Tek Collision Repairs on Darebin Road Thornbury. His has four passions in life; they are his work, his family, the footy and dogs (the four legged type).

Supertek Collision RepairsLike all our Aussie Mates Terry started working long before he left school. In Terry’s case it was the Butcher’s shop at the old Olympic Village in West Heidelberg when he was 10 years old at Primary School. Coincidentally it was Rex Wenn, his Grade six teacher at that Primary School, who taught him one of the most important life skills…confidence! His newfound confidence carried him into Macleod Tech School where he excelled in his studies.

Eager to join the full time workforce Terry left school when he turned 15 and within one day was offered a job as an apprentice spray painter. Sacked after only six months because there were too many apprentices on staff, he walked straight into Courtney and Patterson Motors Panel Shop and was offered an apprenticeship straight away. He learned a lot in his six years there before he met the next ‘mentor’ in his life. Craig Carpenter (no relation) of Carpenters Body Smash Repairs taught him ‘how to work’. Craig offered him weekend contract work on weekends on top of his full time work, and explained that he and his other staff always worked every day until the job was done and not when the clock said 5.00pm.

Craig showed him how to use the extra money he was earning to pay off the principal on his home mortgage. This pleased his new wife Jill who he had only recently married!

Terry rose to the challenge and was appointed Manager of the Panel Shop and spent the next 10 years learning management skills.

After 18 years working for Craig, David and Linda Smillie offered him the job as Manager of Super Tek Collision Repairs with the opportunity to buy the business after 10 years. In 2010 they were true to their word and sold Terry the business. The business has blossomed thanks to Terry’s life and business skills. His business is all about respect he explained: “We respect our customers, their vehicles, and each other. This ensures that our business remains at the forefront of genuine service and customer satisfaction.”