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Contact: John Stubbs
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John Stubbs came to the skylight industry quite late in life due to several unforeseen changes in circumstance. After nearly 30 years working for Telstra in Tasmania as a highly skilled technology and multiplexing expert, he was starting to plan his retirement when his world was suddenly turned upside down when he was made redundant.

The Skylight ShopWith several rental investment properties in Melbourne, John decided to move to Melbourne and learn how to look after the properties as a handyman. A useful part of his training he decided would be to visit a Home Show in Tasmania before he left to set up in Melbourne. It was while he was at the Home Show that he had a chance meeting with the then owner of the Skylight Shop in Melbourne. The owner was looking to sell his business and John was interested. He visited the business, liked what he saw and made the decision to buy. John was divorced with two grown up children so moving wasn’t a major issue.

That was 14 years ago and John’s still enjoying every moment of his working week. He loves the way he is able to help people create a healthier, happier home he explained “Whether you’re planning a major renovation, or just wanting to make a few small improvements to your home, the Skylight Shop use award winning skylights and ventilation products and specialised design experience to provide maximum effect, energy efficiency and savings. Our certified installers will transform your home or workplace by introducing beautiful natural light and clean fresh air, making it brighter, airier and a considerably more enjoyable space in only a matter of hours”.

John has a new lady in his life now and a ‘new spring in his step’. His partner Liz was a mountain climber in her youth and apart from a shared passion for homes and ‘making them brighter’, they have both taken up bushwalking. So weekends now often revolve around maps, compasses and rucksacks.