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Contact: Paul Herbert
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It has been said that Paul Herbert has bricks and diesel fuel in his blood! He never played any sport as a child. All of his spare time from 10 years old was spent travelling around in his dad’s diesel truck carting bricks.

W&P TrucksHe left school at 15 and started an apprenticeship as a diesel mechanic. At the age of 21 he bought his own brick truck and spent five long years hand-carting bricks.

At the age of 26 Paul went back into the business of repairing trucks. When he turned 40, W&P Truck Sales approached him to do their workshop repairs and he managed that work for the next five years. It was at this point that ‘Old Doug’ the owner of W&P suggested that Paul run his repair business from W&P’s premises. One day about six months later Old Doug walked over to Paul and told him that he wanted to retire, and that he had been watching Paul for the last year or so and would he like to take over the business?

Paul agreed on the spot. There were three of them in the business to start with but Paul bought the other two out soon after.

Paul and his son Anthony are now 50/50 partners in the business and planning for further expansion and consolidation of ‘Old Doug’s’ business.

Paul has been a long time supporter of the Children’s Variety Charity. Recently Paul purchased a huge portable trailer mounted stage for Variety concerts on the future ‘Bash’ events. Needless to say he’s already chosen the truck to do the towing!