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Maree Conway and her partner Mario have always been fascinated by antique furniture and collectables. As a child Maree was a passionate reader of Enid Blyton books. Blyton’s books are still enormously popular and have been among the world’s best sellers since the 1930s, selling more than 600 million copies.


The first of Blyton’s ‘Five Find-Outers series’ published in 1943 was ‘The Mystery of the Burnt Cottage’. This book has a dark similarity with Maree’s life in 2009 when on the 7 February she and partner Mario lost their two rural properties with their entire c
ollection of furniture, antiques and personal possessions to the savage ‘Black Saturday’ bushfires.

Instead of feeling sorry for themselves, Maree and Mario set about putting their lives and their lost antique collections back together again. Maree started driving up to Kilmore Auctions and began to replace her lost items including her huge collection of Enid Blyton books. As the couple bought more and more they very rapidly started running out of space to store everything. “We need a shop!” she exclaimed one morning to Mario.

The fledgling business started up in a small shop in Rosanna, which, soon moved to larger premises in Davies Street, Rosanna and then finally to the current premises on Para Road. They will celebrate their first year in Greensborough on 15 May 2016.

Maree explained that their business growth has all happened accidentally. Their enthusiasm and passion for collecting has taken them across Australia and Italy many times in their pursuit of artworks, furniture, early Italian music, coins, stamps, all sorts of unrelated ephemera and of course Enid Blyton books!