You Rock Michelle Brisbane

Apart from encouraging her clients to invest in a better world Michelle Brisbane plays a mean blues guitar and performs with her band ‘The Houndlings’ around inner city Melbourne.

The Houndlings
After commencing as an employee at Ethical Investment Services (EIS) Michelle Brisbane
was able to back her commitment to the growth of ethical funds by buying the business!

EISs personalised financial planning advice and portfolio management services will change the way you make major life decisions and assist in facilitating your path to financial freedom.

Check out how EIS utilise a unique Ethical Screening Process for your potential investments which screens companies with a positive and negative filter to specific qualifying questions that helps to position them on an ethical spectrum.

ethical-investmentEthical Investment Services
Contact: Michelle Brisbane
Address: 16 Princess Street, Kew Victoria 3101
Phone: 03 9853 0995

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