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Graham Stevens and his wife Norma started their first Insurance Broking business in 1980 with Gary Seymour in a small office in Cramer Street Preston. The business grew steadily and by the late 90s there were 85 employees.

Edgewise Team

In 2001 they sold the business to Willis Australia the 3rd largest insurance broker in the world. Willis purchased the culture of the business rather than just the income. They all remained in the new business with senior management posts: Gary as the CEO and Graham as National Commercial Affinity Manager. As before the business prospered and grew but somehow it just wasn’t the same working for an International Broker, so in 2008 Graham and Norma, realizing that their real passion was people rather just business, decided to start up Prorisk Insurance Brokers from a home unit in Greensborough with four people.

Soon after they changed the name of the new business to Edgewise after purchasing another business in Abbotsford with Richard Coloretti (who had been at Willis for 19 years) and Peter McCarthy ( a former Partner in the Preston business. The business has grown quickly to 27 staff, a client base of public companies, large privately owned companies, two of whom turn over $4 billion and $3.6 billion to mums and dads, many of their clients have been with them since 1980.

Graham is currently President of the National Insurance Brokers Association as well as being Vice President of the World Federation of Insurance Intermediaries.

Graham still loves insurance. When he’s got a little spare time he enjoys water ski racing, motorbikes, collecting Ford Mustang sports cars and 4WD exploring in the outback.

Even though the business world has changed enormously since 1980 Graham still believes in the value of a handshake and giving people your word.